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Distributed-System Failures: Observations and Implications for Testing, Matthew J. Rutherford; Antonio Carzaniga; and Alexander L. Wolf , Department of Computer Science, April 2005, Boulder, CO, (2005) Abstract    Download:  CU-CS-994-05.pdf 
Automating Experimentation on Distributed Testbeds, Yanyan Wang; Matthew J. Rutherford; Antonio Carzaniga; Alexander L. Wolf , 20th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), 22/07/2005, Long Beach, CA, p.164 - 173, (2005) Abstract    Download:  Wang+ASE05.pdf 
A Routing Scheme for Content-Based Networking, Antonio Carzaniga; Matthew J. Rutherford; Alexander L. Wolf , IEEE INFOCOM, 07/03/2004, Hong Kong, China, p.918 - 928, (2004) Abstract    Download:  CarzanigaRutherfordWolfINFOCOM04.pdf 
Integrating a Performance Analysis Kit into Model-Driven Development, Matthew J. Rutherford , 5th GPCE Young Researchers Workshop, 26/09/2003, Berlin, Germany, (2003) Abstract    Download:  RutherfordGPCE03YRW.pdf 
A Case for Test-Code Generation in Model-Driven Systems, Matthew J. Rutherford; Alexander L. Wolf , Second International Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE), 22/09/2003, Volume 2830, Erfurt, Germany, p.377-396, (2003) Abstract    Download:  RutherfordWolfGPCE03.pdf 
Reconfiguration in the Enterprise JavaBean Component Model, Matthew J. Rutherford; Kenneth Anderson; Antonio Carzaniga; Dennis Heimbigner; Alexander L. Wolf , IFIP/ACM Working Conference on Component Deployment (CD), 20/06/2002, Volume 2370, Berlin, Germany, p.67-81, (2002) Abstract    Download:  Rutherford+CD02.pdf