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Distributed Stream Processing with DUP

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC 2010) (2010)


This paper introduces the DUP System, a simple framework for parallel
stream processing. The DUP System enables developers to compose
applications from stages written in almost any programming language
and to run distributed streaming applications across all
POSIX-compatible platforms. Parallel applications written with the
DUP System do not suffer from many of the problems that exist in
traditional parallel languages. The DUP System includes a range of
simple stages that serve as general-purpose building blocks for larger
applications. This work describes the DUP Assembly language, the DUP architecture
and some of the stages included in the DUP run-time library. We then
present our experiences with parallelizing and distributing the ARB
project, a package of tools for RNA/DNA sequence database handling and

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