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Spring 2010: Special Topics in Software Engineering: Resource Constrained Systems

Number: COMP 4705
Title: Special Topics in Software Engineering: Resource Constrained Systems
Meeting time: Thursday, 5 PM - 8:40 PM
Textbook: Real Time UML, Third Edition, by Bruce Powel Douglass ISBN-10: 0321160762, ISBN-13: 978-0321160768

In this course we will study software engineering techniques that are applicable to resource constrained systems. "Resource constrained systems" is a catch-all phrase for systems ranging from simple embedded micro-controller systems, real-time systems, some general-purpose software systems operating in unique environments (e.g., Linux systems on robots and unmanned vehicles), and some modern platforms like iPhone and Android. For the platforms considered, we will discuss the hardware at a high level, focusing on how the hardware manifests in the software, and any specific software considerations that must be made for the hardware platform. We will then discuss the software stack that is available, and study techniques for performing requirements analysis and specification, high- and low-level design, implementation and testing. The reading will be a mix of textbook chapters and some scholarly articles. The assignments will be focused on creative uses of the techniques we discuss in class.

Note: This course is only available to Lockheed-Martin off campus students.