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Simplifying Parallel and Distributed Simulation with the DUP System

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Conference Paper


43rd Annual Simulation Symposium (ANSS'10), Sponsored by the Society for Modeling and Simulation (SCS) and in cooperation with ACM/SIGSIM, Orlando, FL, USA, p.208 - 215 (2010)


This paper presents how the DUP System, a POSIXcompatible
framework that enables straightforward,
programming-language agnostic, parallel and distributed
stream processing, can be used to facilitate parallel and
distributed simulations. Specifically, we describe two ways
we use DUP to utilize available resources for efficient
simulation: (1) a straightforward technique for parallelizing
multiple runs of an existing simulation program with minimal
changes, and (2) FiDES, a Discrete Event Simulation (DES)
framework built atop DUP that provides a simple, yet powerful,
means of implementing a parallel and/or distributed DES.
Finally, we describe a toolset for profiling, debugging and
visualization that aids the development of DUP simulations.
To support these claims, we present various performance
benchmarks that collectively demonstrate how DUP and
FiDES can make high-performance simulation accessible to

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