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Fall 2008: Introduction to Computer Science, Honors

This course is part of the Introduction to Computer Science track intended for students with prior exposure to programming through AP courses or other activities. It is roughly equivalent to a combination of COMP 1671 and COMP 1672 and can be substituted for COMP 1672 in prerequisites. This course covers basic programming in Java, object oriented (OO) programming, exceptions, streams and file I/O, recursion, generics and basic data structures and algorithms.

Please see the course web page for more information:

Fall 2008: Special Topics in Systems: Distributed Stream Processing

This is a research seminar in systems centered around implementing a distributed video conferencing system using a SOA-like architecture and GPU programming. Students and faculty will be reading and presenting research papers related to the project and students will work in teams to design, implement and test a distributed video conferencing system.

Specific topics that will be covered:

* Multistream Pipelines
* Service Oriented Architecture and the Enterprise Message Bus
* CUDA (GPU) Programming
* Real-time Data Streaming
* Distributed System Design

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